I wish I may and I wish I might, but what does it mean when we are rather than addressing ourselves, addressing another. It may seem in some regard to be self-serving and yet how can one move beyond the self to really care about another. Mother you really stifled my growth, and yet I can’t blame you for teaching me the same things that you grew up knowing. You taught me the way the world was in your eyes; it’s too bad that your eyes had the patriarchy as their lens. I’m the opposite, in some way rejecting everything you ever taught me to see. And we clash often now but I want you to at some point rest. You may attack me with words, and you may hurt me when you scream that I should leave but I know that you’re just tired, and frustrated, and sad that life didn’t go the way you dreamed it would when you were still young and full of illusion. I hope that one day I can make you proud, that you see in me what you wished to be in yourself. Does it really serve me to criticize and scream out into the void? No, I need to prove more not just for you but in order to fully reject every fear and patriarchal structure that surrounds me. I love you mom and I hope that one day I can take care of you in the way that you never could take care of me.

Student you really push back

You look at me like who are you

But I am just trying to guide you through this vile system that we call


I can’t grant you anything except

pre-calculated skills

that will make you somewhat capable

of navigating

the orders, the knowledge, the eventual soul-sucking job

But on the other side, I hope that I can give you

the subjective love for finding what you love

so that in those moments where you can’t bear it anymore

you can look to that love and let it fill you, and

push through this absurdity

and maybe thrive in it due to your love for something.

I hope that you can learn to be rather than to have

Valuing what you are and what you make

rather than what you have

leave the brands aside

they just make you miserable in the requirement for money.



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