Permanent Illusions

the fingers slithered
from the breast bone to the pelvis.
There was no grabbing, just feeling,
skin electrified.
” It was a Queer and sultry summer,
the summer they electrocuted…”
Life gets in the way of magic,
If you gloss over the sentence,
It disappears into oblivion.
So where did he go?
When I put so much emphasis on his presence?
A series of flashbacks appear:
snapchat, bed, eyes,
Am I at a point of death?
or perhaps life flies…
there is a light
but it leans on my desk
perhaps I shouldn’t follow it.
Heat protrudes out of the core
as he held me.
And as I lay I dreamt of his disappearance.
Woke up and he was still there.
What a bad game, my mind plays.
Poof, its the next day,
the dice won’t stop spinning
the magic has worked.
He is just an image ingrained in my head.


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