Dear lonely soul,

I keep trying to listen but instead I run. I have to run because I cannot handle the state of loneliness that currently haunts me. I have read many things and had many conversations with people who don’t understand. They don’t understand the significance of an event that is not unusual but rather recurrent. He left and took away the only thing that I had attempted to create. I am once again entangled in pain. How can you help me? Do you know how to help me? If you are at all connected to the universe, guide me towards safety. His hands left me feeling heavy. And now I am running away from the pain.  Stop me from running and instead teach me to be alive. I no longer want hands to hold me. I want my own words to sound in the silence that men leave behind. Dear soul love me and teach me how it is to feel my own self worth. Hands can try to hold me but they will never save me. Salvation lies underneath the thin gossamer of my skin. Shine bright so that I may find you and stop feeling the emptiness of goodbye.


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