It’s one of those days again. What does that even mean? It’s so easy to hide behind words. Lack of communication always ruins my relationships. I am unable to point out what bothers me. I lost a best friend by not being able to express the hurt that I felt and also by not being able to talk about what truly happened. I may have or may be losing my boyfriend to this lack of communication but still I am not going to cave into a state of vulnerability. Again I refuse to blossom because opening my flower petals would be too difficult. Instead I hide behind thoughts, feelings, and books. And yet I do not know anything.

Every time the end is coming, someone has to say something against me that hurts me. But I say things too so I can’t even be mad about the words used against me. It’s time to keep moving. I’m not sure where I am going but maybe I’m supposed to be alone. 


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