It is the time of flower blossoming and new decisions. I have decided to create a new username to portray the person that I become. I shall be Laurel Blossom because I was once just laura and carried only dead flowers but now my soul has blossomed. I am not sure what it means to have a blossoming soul but I think that it means that I have to rid myself of the dead weight that I carry around every day. It’s hard sometimes to not define ourselves by the past and it’s even harder to not become attached to the present. I tend to fight any attachments that I make. I am like the flower who won’t open her petals because I do not want to be pollinated, except in closing myself I fail to feel the sun’s warmth. 

If we are all creatures of energy then I have done a great job at shielding the energy of others. In many ways I wallow in times of independent thinking. Lately I deceived myself into accepting a falsehood. I began to shrivel; I was the one who hated the world. But then somehow I managed to feel people again. Maybe I’m just ready to be around others again. I’m not sure where I am going. But I know that someday I will open my petals and bloom. That will be the most beautiful day. 


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