This is Laura

This is Laura

I made this picture at first only in an attempt to have a cool lock screen. Instead I created my psyche in a collage.
Who am I?
We can say that I am the biggest picture. A girl with headphones in her ears because music never stops playing in the background of my life.
I am a girl who is almost 22 but doesn’t want to give up the world of graphic tees and flower crowns. Don’t give me a diamond, give me freedom.
I am also a Rutgers student. The trees in the picture represents the square where my classrooms are located. It was some time before I found my place within such a big school. And right next to that photograph is the drawing that I made at work. I’m not an artist. I can only draw sometimes. Usually i’m awful, shapes are too limited.
Edgar Allen Poe with a modern twist. I love the dark and suspended. I love reciting Annabel Lee whenever I hear Poe. And I love most that he is still an artwork. It is not just the words but the man who created the effect.
My head is in the clouds. I would say that my head does not belong on my human body. I long to fly, to get away from life. I am in a consistent fight between what’s right and living recklessly.
Pills once killed. It was only appropriate to portray the pill dilemma. I always through that I would be beyond the stereotype. But I succumbed to bad dreams which only pills kept away.
The closest thing that makes me fly intoxicates me. The human life is a paradox.
Contamination is part of living. We eat contaminated things, smoke chemicals, drink toxins. So now art is the only place that makes any sense.
I don’t want politics, I just want beauty.

And I have no idea who Laura was, is, and will be.


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