You stabbed my heart, here’s my response

“Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”

― Patrick Meagher

Why am I bothering to write this post? Because you need to hear these words. You are so enwrapped in yourself that you fail to see the flaw in the way you perceive the world. Maybe it’ not a flaw. But thinking that you have to make a girl’s time worth her while is a clear indication that you see the world as a transaction. Your time is never worth the while of anyone who is not seeking to use a person. I never wanted the things that you could buy me. I just wanted to know you and then I thought that behind your careless facade, there was a man seeking something beyond beauty and sex. But you just want to spend your time having a good time. The sad part about it all is that at the end of the day, as you lay on your bed alone, you feel an emptiness settle upon you. And then you try to buy someone else off so that they may fill that void. Money will never fill any voids. Real love will cure all ailments of loneliness. I am not rich. I work to buy all the things that I have. My parents too help me pay for a good majority of my things. But despite the fact that I don’t vacation monthly or weekly, I am happy. I am happy because I love myself, because I can be at peace when I am sober and alone. You made me despise dating but I am getting through that now. You only came back because the other girl that you were seeing left your life. She is too far for her to be satisfactory. I have a lot of insight when it comes to men who are manipulating. You think that talking sweetly will grant you a girl. You think that your money is the only thing that you need. But it’s worthless. You have this great condo, this beautiful patio, and you take pride in your fashion. But it means nothing when your soul is missing. I have seen beyond your painted chivalry. You are a vile person. And I have a right to say that because what you did to me was terrible. I don’t want to ever see you again. I was willing to help you. But you don’t need my help nor my friendship. You were just trying to get back what you lost. Go seek another girl who can’t see your real interior. I hope that one day you find life again because it is clear that you are so lost in your capitalist idolatry that you miss the real beauty of the world. I hope that one day you will be able to find life again. Until then happy drinking, smoking, eating, and all the things that only bring momentary satisfaction. 


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