Something Old, Recently Found


By Laura Muneton

Written Nov 13 2010

Boom. Boom. Boom. Ka. Boom. Olaf pounded and pounded on the wall.

Craaack. Finally, the damage, had been, done.

He smiled and stared as the little tiles began to fall.

His knuckles hurt and glimmered with oozing magical crimson power.

Finally the clock struck five and he knew that it was time to commence his sick game.

He picked up his phone and dialed the number, one, by, one, savoring what lay ahead

With a deep rich voice his charm flickered strong and easily he confirmed that night’s date.

The next step always caused him the most regret.

Slowly he opened the cabinet and pressed the cream that would trap his power away.

The blood stopped oozing and with hesitation he washed the remnants down the drain.

He hid himself in an expensive Armani suit and sprinkled to his disgust burberry cologne.

The soft fibers were driving him insane. He wanted to tear his skin to shreds.

Instead he began to set his trap in motion and made his condo look luxurious and inviting.

The clock chimed eight and now the game would really commence.


It was a warm and beautiful night. The kind of night where everything has

a false feeling of happiness and liberation.

When Siena opened her door Olaf was forced to stare at perfection.

Her perfect hourglass figure was outlined in a dazzling black dress.

The gorgeous figures on her face were enhanced by hour and hours of preparation.

Olaf smiled sweetly as his muscles urged to break her spell.

Her beauty mocked his imperfections and he couldn’t stand her delicate hand around his bicep.

She was nothing but a decoration and Olaf destroyed decorations.

She was like a piece of gold next to the waste of an animal.

Siena’s kisses sent a direct demand to his brain. He wanted to choke her with his tongue.

But with practice Olaf lightened the mood and took her to eat in an expensive establishment.

She smiled and twirled her hair as she talked and never did her comments stray.

Her high soprano voice sent a pounding into Olaf’s voice.

Several times he had to hold back his need to shove his steak knife into her vocal cords.


Finally it was time to bring her back to the condo.

To anybody it would appear that Olaf was just excited at the prospect of a night of passion but

There was a hidden reason for Olaf’s extreme ecstasy.

When they entered the condo Siena stared in wonder at its beauty and price.

But in the corner of her eye she saw Olaf lock his door weirdly with seven locks.

She smiled lightly and sauntered to the couch where she sat in awkward silent.

The mirror on the table was all wrong and clearly distorted her features. She turned it away.

Everything in this house felt wrong. She began to notice chippings on the wall.

Her head screamed run but Siena knew that there was no possible way to undo all the locks.

Olaf smiled at her and brought her wine. Eventually his attention made her lose her suspicion.

With sauciness she twisted his head for a kiss.

But Olaf sensing her movement grabbed her hard by the waist. He squeezed he until the air

rushed out of her lungs and continued to hold her as her heart beat no more.

She screamed and pounded. Her tears made her makeup run and soon her perfection was gone.

Olaf laughed and reached for knife. He had no time. He wanted her heart and it would only be

Good for a second more.

He opened her chest brutally.

Blood squirted into his expensive couture couch.

He grimaced at the loss but continued to lust at her blood

Soon he had her heart and without hesitation began to eat it away.

With a sigh Olaf cut Siena into pieces and began to clean away the mess.

His satisfaction grew dim and soon enough he began to pound on the wall once again.


After tomorrow’s date everything would be okay.





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