The Fragrance of Life

Lucy wakes up dazed and lost. It is dark, she is in a bed, not her own bed, and next to her is the man who took her out that night. She gazes around the room, feeling her head fill with stiffness and pain. It is 4:53 the clock reads. She is bound to the bed; she cannot move. Moving would mean that this is not a dream.

It smells like acid, like a bottle of alcohol has just opened. Close one eye first, and wait, “What happened last night?” There is no sound, and she awakes ready now to face her mistakes.

“What happened last night?” she asks.

“Nothing we just had fun,” replies a lazy voice next to her on the bed.

He kisses her and she relaxes but then he takes her head and places it once again into a sinful place. She obliges but cannot stand to remain within the room. She gets up, puts on yesterdays clothes, finds her bearings, looks in her bag and sees five singles inside it that were not there last night. He follows her lead and immediately cleans the sheets and the cover. What happened here?

She flees, takes a taxi to the station, feels the terrible hangover of not remembering. At home she attempts to find something. Days go by and he does not reach out to her again.

Two dollar tuesday again. “This video game reminds me of him.” She will tell him and find no reply.

There are voices, so many voices but she seeks only one, he does not come.

One day she is seeking something. A house maybe? But she ends up in a church. Welcome the walls sing. She feels the love within this place, goes to eat breakfast and decides to try out this new place.

She will shed her skin of past sins. move beyond her previous state of emptiness. She is awake finally. No one physical will be able to attain control of her. She has found the lord eternal.


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