The Essence of Goodbye


Eventually there comes a time where saying goodbye is the only alternative. Before this time, you fought imaginary battles with yourself. You felt the pain of losing someone or of moving away to a new place. Every time you face a change, there is something to be left behind.

You will look in the mirror and take a mental snapshot of how you look now. In a few months you will only resemble the person you are leaving behind.

The hard part about saying goodbye to anyone or anything, is also saying goodbye to who you were and how you felt in that phase of your life. And the hardest things to leave behind are the memories that once fed your soul.

After starting college two years ago, every time I came home, I would see memories and longing in every corner of what had once been my world. This is the sixth time that I am writing about leaving.

Am I glad that the movie days ended? Am I glad that everyone dispersed and changed? In many ways I am glad that change occurred. It helps you keep the people who are worthy and the rest just in a way slide away.

Goodbye is liberating. Its function is to throw away what holds you down. You just look back and move on with your life.

Goodbye is also something that must be learned. At first goodbye seems painful. But as life progresses you come to expect some sort of termination.

We used to be fooled into happy endings that had little goodbyes. The only people who would go away were the bad ones. But there is no such thing as good and bad people. People hurt us and we also hurt them. The best part about twenty first century lit is that it changes the perspective of the human. Most readers will feel frustration. “What do you mean my favorite character will die” or “They didn’t end up together”. The point of writing is to encapsulate the truth.

The truth is that life doesn’t often end the way you hoped. The person who you proclaim your love to one moment, will become the villain in another moment. That’s life a series of unfortunate events. Except they aren’t actually unfortunate. We are all dealing with something. As people it is so easy to judge a person or to throw away someone who no longer serves us a purpose when they are in a bad state. But love is about accepting people.

Goodbye is a choice. Happiness is also a choice. So saying goodbye shouldn’t feel like loss but rather it should feel like a gain in another direction.

Closing one door, opens another. And that is goodbye. Goodbye just means that life continues. The only end is death. Goodbye can mean I will see you again. Or it can be final. It’s all about situation and perspective. It’s often difficult to define things. But that’s the beauty in living. Life will always surprise you.



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