What is happiness?

Happiness is a feeling of deep satisfaction. It is not found long-term within an alcohol bottle. It is also not found in another person. Happiness is a self-inflicted emotion. It however cannot be found, it is simply felt. And it is not permanent but fleeting.

Happiness is attainable. The contentment of having someone share your bed with you. Not the person who leaves immediately but the person who stays with you in bed until one in the afternoon. It’s true happiness when they return. Otherwise it was a temporary escape from the world.

Happiness is a day at an amusement park. Moments of laughing as you wait in line. The rushing euphoria as the fear of feeling transcends through your veins. Make the best of the day. If a boy leaves you at the park, rejoice at the freedom you suddenly feel. Share a meal with an old friend. Buy a chocolate milkshake though the day is cold and the next day you’ll have no voice.

Happiness is free from worry. It is inhibited by daily stress. Run to flee from life constraints. Feel the dopamine flood your brain. Smile as the sweat begins to trickle down your face. Push, push, until the pain within your muscles fades.

Happiness is a lasting relationship with the people who shared your childhood. It is calling the person who will not judge you, to confess you miss the old days. Not the good ones but the ones you pushed away. Happiness is the person who holds you as cry, it is the person who you can call at times of dire need and they will be there for you. Happiness is your friend’s dog who still remembers you and wags their tail even though it’s been half a year since you last visited the house.

Happiness is not an emotion. It is a moment. Happiness is a happy ending. A happy ending is still an ending. Happiness is the knowledge that there is more to come. Happiness is felt even in sadness. It is called hope.

What is happiness? I do not know. But it is not a person, it is not a drug, it is not a thing bought. It is either there or it isn’t. It is an interpretation of a moment. It just is.


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