19 Ways To Love Yourself

Thought Catalog

1. Draw a long, hot bath (even if this means waiting until you go back to your parents’ house for a visit where there is an actual bathtub), light a bunch of candles, get a glass of chilled white wine and a book. Enjoy that for as long as it continues to feel amazing, or at least your fingers don’t get too pruny.

2. Buy yourself some candles, including little cheapie tea candles. Scatter those things everywhere and watch your life immediately improve.

3. Get fresh-cut flowers every once in a while.

4. Whenever the weather is nice outside, make an effort to spend sometime in the sun — even if it’s only by an open window — and just look around for a while, enjoying how beautiful and fresh everything looks.

5. Go to a pet store and/or rescue shelter and say hello to all of the adorable animals…

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