Must Have Done Something Wrong

As I sat by the bus, suddenly he came by; out of breath, he said my name. Is this really happening? I had no place to escape so I held to my book and let him speak. I wanted to apologize. Did he really think that an apology would earn my heart?

um.. the expectation:

Boy goes to girl. He looks at her in his breathlessness. I ran to see you. I needed to apologize. You’re a really sweet girl and didn’t deserve saturday. Girl runs into boy’s arms. They walk to the car. He gives her a present. She smiles and they try to be something.

The Reality:

You have no chance. Once my mind is made up it’s irreversible. Did you not get my epic comment? “Once the flame dies, it’s done. I guess not.

We live in a world painted by movies. The guy fucks up and then he buys the girl flowers, apologizes, takes her on a date, and it’s fixed, they end up together.

He’s just not that into you. How about she’s just not feeling you. There’s this stigma that a girl must always overlook ill treatment. I don’t do this often, run after someone. Oh am I supposed to feel special? Because you literally stalked me down? Because you refused to take my no as a legitimate answer. Life isn’t always a chick flick. I like to think of myself as more of an indie girl. I like disappointment, awkwardness, and reality.

If he hadn’t fucked up, I think it would have ended regardless. He wasn’t for me. I either love someone immediately or I never really do.

It’s a flaw. Who did the wrong. No one. It just didn’t happen.


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